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Full day – Cinema in Lyon

Full day – Cinema in Lyon

95,00 €Prix

Meeting with the coach at Bellecour Place at 09h30.

10h00 : Guided visit of Institut Frère Lumière Museum (2h)
Guided tour of the Lumière Institute: This tour explores the various inventions of the Lumière brothers in the magnificent Art Nouveau-style family villa. The museum tour reveals the various technical advances that led to the emergence of the Cinematograph, right up to the exploitation of Lumière films: from the very first cinema posters to the operators who set off to film all over the world. Discover the many inventions of the Lumière brothers, including the Cinématographe, Autochromes and Lumière films, and the history of this exceptional family.

Lunch in one of the oldest Brasserie in Lyon.
example menu :
Berry green lentil salad with poached egg
Chicken breast with vinaigrette and parsley potatoes
Honeycomb with almonds
¼ wine, coffee

15h00 : Free Visit of the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema (2h)- entrance fees includes
Enter the vast sets used for filming and discover a rich collection of authentic filming objects from the biggest European and American film studios. Eight educational rooms, illustrated with miniatures, animatronics, masks, prostheses, robots, costumes, creatures and monsters of all kinds, reveal many secrets about the special effects techniques used in cinema. From "Spiderman" to "Mrs Doubtfire", not forgetting "The 5th Element" and "Gremlin's", more than 450 mythical pieces from films will delight us as we delve into the very secret backstage world of cinema.
Admire Dan Ohlmann's complete collection of miniature scenes, which are faithful 1/12th scale reproductions of our living spaces, exclusively in Lyon. His stunningly realistic micro-sets are surrounded by more than 1,000 masterpieces of patience and dexterity created by miniature artists from all over the world.
By discovering Dan Ohlmann's magical world and his own workshop, visible from the outside, you'll be taking a journey into another dimension.


16h30-17h : Arrival in coach to Bellecour place.
End of our services.

  • transportation in GT coach, lunch (3 courses + ¼ wine, coffee), Entrance and guided to of the Institut Frère Lumière Museum, entrance at the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema (2h)- entrance fees includ

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